You're Invited To Have 28 More Days With Me In ShineQuest To Help You Break-Free!

What You're Gonna Get:

28 Days of Access to Dr. Mandi's ShineQuest To Help You Turn Things Around!

☀️ Daily Tips & Inspiration Sent Via Email

Over 28 days, I will be emailing you daily tips, trainings, guides, and techniques to help with the most common areas that our event attendees all submitted that they wanted help on. Your vote counts!

☀️ 4 Special Topic "Deep-Dive" Trainings

1. How to confidently move your case forward,

2. Know what the courts look for,

3. How to manage your attorney,

4. How to navigate your ex,

☀️ ShineQuest's Community!

A community for all of us!

☀️ + FUN!

Soon, this 28-day experience will be offered to the public for $897.

Limited Time "Post-Event" Special:

Eventually, this 28-day program will be offered for $897.

Limited Time "Art of Freedom" Event Special:

Only $497!

NOTE: We're giving everyone a few extra moments "post-event" to enroll, so enroll now before we roll out the normal $897 price to the public!

NOTE: This special $397 pricing expires on Monday, July 17th, at 11:59 Eastern Time

BUT: Enroll NOW Bonuses* !!

Enroll NOW Bonuses* !!

🎁 "Day 4" ~ A 1-hour live session, Thursday, 10am PT! (recorded)

Step-by-step how I got my ex to agree to an international move away, and then, we will open it up for Q&A for your burning, immediate questions for me.

🎁 Special 1-Day Event

You also get a virtual ticket to attend a special, 1-Day Event (recorded, too) at the end of ShineQuest to help you plan and navigate forward! (Date/Time TBA)

*We reserve the right to remove the bonuses at any time for future enrollees. But if you see them here on your screen, that means if you enroll right now, you can still get them!

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Summary: For the price of 2-3 hours with a decent attorney, you get 28 days with Dr. Mandi helping you save a fortune on legal bills, get more confident, and get the tools and the understanding that you need to start turning your life, story, feelings, and family around. All while being in-community, and most importantly: HAVING FUN!

What Did Moms Who Already Enrolled In ShineQuest Say?

We Asked Them: "What inspired you to enroll in ShineQuest? What did you realize that caused you to say "YES! I'm doing this, Dr. Mandi!"

"I've been following MomShine for a while. I am now 1 year into my case... $50,000 spent already... So: ShineQuest seemed like a no brainer!"

"I'm inspired by Dr. Mandi's freedom story – and have hopes that I can achieve the same outcome!"

"Ready to be free from my abusive husband!"

"About to start the divorce process with a narcissist!! I want to win as much custody as possible."

"I want to save money and avoid mistakes!"

"I need help navigating my soon-to-be-ex, protect my baby, protect my sanity, and utilize my attorney to the fullest."

"I know I need help getting better organized. I've been looking for a way to get involved and learn from MomShine for a while. This was the first time I actually thought I might be able to get enrolled in one of the courses and it excited me!"

"I know I need help navigating my divorce."

"I am ready just from listening to Dr Mandi, her passion, and her heart!"

"Money is tight so I wasn't sure how long it would be until I could afford the 8-week program, so to hear I can get a snippet of it for this lower price was amazing. I feel like I've done everything I can, and nothing is changing with my case. I need help."

"I am divorcing a malignant narcissist, and we have two kids. He lies and cheats and accuses me of doing everything he does. He will paint a horrible picture of me. I want full custody of my kids, and I want to keep our house so we an stay in the school district. I don't have a zillion dollars to spend on lawyers, and I need to outsmart my husband and stay ahead of him."

"I am divorcing an alcoholic narcissist and have spent too much money on an ineffective attorney."

"I'm needing this more than ever! All of the information has been so helpful and just realize I need so much more and lots of healing."

"You gave very good and actionable tips on how I can manage my attorneys and how I can change the way I am doing things right now during my arduous court battle!"

"I wanted to do MomShine, but unfortunately, as I am already 5 years into this process, my credit is already shot and completely maxed out. I literally do not have any way to come up with the couple thousand dollars right now. BUT I do have ONE more credit card that had about $600 left on it. SO... I completely JUMPED at the chance. I don't want to fight with my ex. I don't want to punish him, or keep our kids from their Dad - I just want to make a compromise that allows both my ex AND myself to love our best lives AND all the while, do what's best for our kiddos."

"I have already experienced a MomShine program and knew this would be beneficial and worth it, too!"

~ ~ ~

... Join Our ShineQuest Sisterhood So We Can Celebrate You, Your Courage, And Help You SHINE!! ☀️

You Got This, Mama! You Can Do It. 🤗

I Believe In You! 💕

Let's Walk The Path Together, and SHINE!



I'm so confident that you will absolutely love this unique immersive learning experience that I built for you that I'm offering a 14-day, 100% money back guarantee. All I have to do is save you about an hour of time with your attorney, and the program pays for itself! Within your first hour of learning from me, you should have already earned back your investment in legal bill savings! With that being said - this program definitely won't work if you don't consume the content. But, if for some reason you don't feel we've saved you at least $497 off the cost of your entire divorce/custody battle from what you learn here, then within your first 14 days of consuming the content, just email us to tell us what you watched so far and we will take care of your refund!

From nightmare, to 8-figure entrepreneur...

hear what she Said About ShineQuest:

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Good News! You can See 300+ Success stories, Client wins, reviews, testimonials, & thank you letters Here:

This Is Designed To Be A







Opportunity For You To Start Working Alongside Dr. Mandi & Finally Get Clarity!

☀️ Who This Is Especially For :)

This program is designed for moms regardless if they are:

✅ Pre-divorce,

✅ Mid-divorce,

✅ Post-divorce, or

✅ Never married and just in a custody battle.

... Who have kids of all ages (even adult children).

... Despite if your ex is a man or a woman.

✅ We have international clientele, helping moms worldwide! 🌎

✅ This is designed for both kinds of moms: moms with only a little bit of money where they need to very efficiently spend it, and it's also designed for the mom with a lot of money/assets to protect from their exes and who want to be smart with their spend and who also want to best protect their money away from their attorneys, too!!

✅ This is designed for busy moms who have a lot going on who need simple, straightforward coaching in a concise, logical way who also see the value of getting to learn directly from Dr. Mandi herself!

🎉 We have over 312+ success stories, wins, and thank you's from moms of all ages and backgrounds.

"How did I get my dream life? The courts didn't change. My attorneys didn't change. The laws didn't change. My ex didn't change. ... So what changed?

I changed: I changed my approach, my strategy. I changed how I was thinking. I changed who I was getting advice from, I invested in experts and coaches, I showed up, and I had faith in myself despite how others made me feel:

I believed there was a better life for me and my son, and I was ready to evolve."

~ Dr. Mandi


28 Days of Daily Recorded Tips

Dr. Mandi's best tips to help all of you stay inspired, focused, and empowered, delivered via email, each day!

You've all shared that you want help with ending the battle, reducing the tension with your ex, better protecting your kids, communicating with your ex,

You want help with how to not get angry/sad, how to stop accidentally making mistakes,

You want help with how to stop feeling stuck, how to break free from your ex, how to create more independence, you asked for direction, strategy,

You want freedom from your ex, you want community, you want me to help you drastically cut down your legal bills and save you a lot of time.

You want help dealing with everything, including the overwhelm. You want help making this process simpler.

You want help out of your tough situation, even if there's manipulation going on, some of you said "I just need all the help I can get."

Dr. Mandi is aware of all of your needs and she will build whatever content she feels will be of most benefit for you to hear right now.


4 Special Topic Recorded Trainings

Dr. Mandi has "been there, done that" and coached literally hundreds of moms make progress, against all odds, even when the courts were against them, even when they were almost giving up, even when they were losing custody:

Dr. Mandi wants to ensure you have everything you need to SHINE over the next 28 days, not just with her daily training videos containing her best tips, but she also wants you to have these 4 formal trainings, where, instead of teaching you the basics like we did in the Art of Freedom event, we want to "go deeper" and teach you more:

☀️ 1. How to confidently move your case forward

☀️ 2. Know what the courts look for

☀️ 3. How Dr. Mandi managed her attorney relationship

☀️ 4. How to navigate & handle your ex

And for those of you who join now, you'll be invited to attend these weekly trainings LIVE via zoom: Tuesdays at 10am PST (These are scheduled for: July 18, July 25, August 1, & August 8)



Instead of just being in our free event group,

Now you get to connect with all the other moms in the ShineQuest!

Clients who enroll in our programs are FAR more active in the program communities! If you've never been a part of a paid community inside of MomShine, its like people chirping away all day and encouraging and supporting each other.

This is a place you can come every day for inspiration, encouragement, questions, support and to be around awesome likeminded moms who are implementing Dr. Mandi's strategies.

It's the advantage people don't realize they need until they have it... but there's truly nothing more powerful than being surrounded by moms who are committed to turning things around for themselves.

Bonus: Final-Day Virtual Event!

At the end of your ShineQuest, you'll have the recording of our "Final Day" of ShineQuest to help you plan your next steps!

See What Other Moms Say About Dr. Mandi!

Your Future Life Is Calling You! Don't Give Up:

☀️ FAQ: Shiny Answers To Your Shiny Questions ☀️

How Do I Access ShineQuest?

ANSWER: Once you enroll in Dr. Mandi's ShineQuest, you will get an immediate welcome email from the MomShine Team celebrating your action and also a welcome email with your username & password. If you purchased a VIP Pass to the Art of Freedom event, Dr. Mandi's world-class ShineQuest program will be inside the same members area ( So once you enroll, you will get emailed with access and instructions immediately!

How Long Is This Price Available?

ANSWER: The special pricing on this page is only available for a limited time and we reserve the right to raise the price to $897 (or higher) at any time. So, if you want to embark on our ShineQuest with Dr. Mandi, be sure to act fast and grab your spot! You won't regret it. Let's get started!

How Do I Access All My Bonuses?

ANSWER: As soon as you sign up for ShineQuest, you will get a username and password emailed to you. This includes Dr. Mandi's "Day 4" special training where she shared step-by-step the story of how she got her freedom, her international move away approved, and she highlights the distinctions along the way.

Do I Get Access Immediately?

ANSWER: YES! As soon as you enroll in ShineQuest, you get immediate access.

When Are The 4 Special Trainings Recorded?

ANSWER: Dr. Mandi will be providing you with 4 special training videos. For those that join at the launch, you will have the special opportunity to actually be there, LIVE! Tuesdays at 10:00 PST | 1:00 EST starting July 18 and ending August 8, Dr. Mandi will create a Zoom meeting to dive deeper into the 4 main, weekly training lessons. You can watch the recording, or: join in Live for Q&A, breakouts, focus time, and more!

How Do I Get The 28 Daily Tips?

ANSWER: Dr. Mandi will be pre-recording videos and dropping them into the online program, and then every day, you will get an email notifying you that the Daily Tip video has been uploaded there so that you can login and view each day's video!

Will The Trainings Have Replays?

ANSWER: YES! Absolutely! Every week we will upload the training replay into your ShineQuest online course.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

ANSWER: YES! Dr. Mandi is so confident that you will absolutely love this unique immersive learning experience with her, that she offers a 100% money back guarantee: If for some reason you don't feel we've saved you at least our program's price off the cost of your entire divorce/custody battle from what you learn here, then within your first 14 days of consuming the content, just email us to tell us what you watched so far and we will take care of your refund! All Dr. Mandi needs to do over the course of 28 days is save you about an hour or two worth of legal bills, therapy bills, or "sanity" bills!

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